Freedomland Phu Quoc


Exclusively for lucky freedomland guests, family and friends Freedomland’s cafe proposes you yummy cocktails, cold beer, wines, fresh fruit shakes and much more.
You can pick up a coconut from the palm trees in the garden, or come to the bar and drink one freshly picked.



In our Bar&food all is freshly-made and prepared with love, Vegetarians and Vegans are welcome. All the guests fell in love with the Freedomland’s cooking, and he likes sharing his love for food. Freedomland‘s cuisine is a skilful blend of vietnamese and European cuisine.



Through our famous communal dinner, everynight we serve at a long table when all the guests have the oportunity to meet, share experiences, enjoy the food and the ambiance. Freedomland provides you a priceless chance to communicate across cultures in a friendly and homey atmosphere