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Nature is all around and we love it. Phu Quoc island in general and freedomland in particular is home to different animals such birds, butterflies, geckos, frogs and other reptiles, fire flies and other insects, milipiedes and so on.
In addition to the wildlife in the area, freedomland is also home to 3 house pets. We are the happy owners of 3 Phu Quoc dogs,1 of them have adopted us over the years.
All of our house pets are usually sweet-tempered, used to people, and always up for a walk. They are regularly vaccinated and cleaned.

Age: unknown. We don’t know where he comes from but a few years ago he just decided that this is a good place to live and moved in.
He’s our beach guide. He’s favorite thing to do is to show our guests the way to the beach, he loves an ocean bath and chacing after the crabs. Tigo never goes alone, he enjoys the company of our guests. We often say “if you cannot follow the map just follow the white dog!”




Age: 3 years old
She’s very sweet and calm and might also follow you to the beach although she doesn’t appreciate the ocean. If you call her she doesn’t come but if you call the other dogs she will come out of jealousy..

Age: 1 year old
Very naughty! And playful and joyful. Loves a pamper J

Sorry… no pictures are available for Chilly. He’s always running and jumping – all the pictures are out of focus!



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