Freedomland Phu Quoc

If your idea of holiday is the opportunity to enjoy the rich trip experience, a residence not as the others, a little bit exceptional, a little bit original, Freedomland is definitely where you need to go.

Freedomland resides in ‘undiscovered’ Vietnamese island paradise, Phu Quoc, 15 minutes (entertaining) walk to the most beautiful and deserted Ong Lang Beach, hidden in the exotic beauty jungle.

Our 11 private bungalows were designed in harmony with the surrounding environment, and invite itself discreetly at the heart of the forest of tropical trees.

Freedomland offers an home style hospitality, where you can relax amongst friends you have just met, swapping stories over dinner after a day of adventure exploring the island or a day of total relaxation on the nearby beach. As each day goes by, you will appreciate we are not a hotel.

Freedomland Phu Quoc is not a touristic establishment opened to the masses. In order to keep it calm, quiet and an homey atmosphere our facilities and services (including bar & food) are for the exclusive use of our guests, family and friends.

We welcome everybody that want to come to do their art work, yoga, meditation, play your music, write your book…

Treat yourself with a good bed, good food, good company and a real rest before going back to the real world.